Week 6


Week 6 at the OXT Sonsbeek 2016 project.

Kevin makes paper with Leo.

Cyan d’Anjou’s work is temporarily placed in the park.

Alex Fischer has joined the woodshop and starts carving into a large tree. He cuts out the forms of a gecko and a chainsaw from the bark of a dead tree in the deer park.

Indian artists Shilpa Gupta, another participant of Sonsbeek 2016, comes to visit and witnesses the opening of her work in the Park this week.

Many children play with the Zellige blocks created by Leonid Tsetkov.

Dario D’Aronco makes a woodcut of two hands. One of a man and one of an orangutan. With this woodcut he will be making prints.

Peel, a work by Gabriel Lester, is finally installed. The curled up plateau shelves seem to be peeled off.

Joost Zeegers builds cabinets. Its ‘skin’ is built from of wooden sliding boards and parts. Skin consists of small planks that are put together and can move and slide, which enable you to open and close the entire ‘skin’.

Daya Bakker finishes his kitchen.