Week 3


Week 3 at the OXT Sonsbeek 2016 project.

Maze de Boer started with series of nonexistent board games and games. These games have all the typical elements and archetypal forms of games. When confronted with these games people start to devise rules and play with it. Besides being a participant of OXT, Maze is also independently invited for this edition of Sonsbeek. For that project, he exchanged a playground in Indonesia with one from the Netherlands and vice versa. The playground from Indonesia is currently intensively used by children who visit Park Sonsbeek.

Cyan D’Anjou, another intern working for the first half of the exhibition period, and aspiring artist created a large work: a freestanding burnt match of 3 meters high.

This week, Maria Roosen inspected her tree, that she will begin to work with in week 5.

Ryan van Beurden makes dinner plates from sawn planks.

On July 9, as the start of his own work, Kevin will work with Leo Hoegen, a paper craftsman, to produce paper sized double-A0 (2A0 = 118.9 x 168,2cm). The paper is created from maple trees of Park Sonsbeek.