Week 5


Week 5 at the OXT Sonsbeek 2016 project.

This week, we hosted a sponsor dinner for 35 persons of Industrial Park Kleefsewaard.

Graphic designers George and Daniel of Catalog Tree do their first tests for a table. They designed a patterned graphic drawing that will be cut out of oak to create an oak table of 5 by 1 meters. The table legs are made of the cut out wood.

Cyan D’Anjou starts her own project. The matches (one burned) symbolize the story about the fallen angel Lucifer and the eternal story about good and evil.

Jasper Nouws gets help from I Wayang Raka.

Maze de Boer has been working on a new game board.

Kroko Schilte arrives and continues making enhancements to his drawing.

Leonid produces a few hundred blocks of Arabic Zellige tiles in wood. They are placed on a platform right outside the workshop and people are encouraged to make patterns and play with it.