Kevin van Braak

OXT Sonsbeek 2016

For Sonsbeek 2016 Transaction, Kevin van Braak initiates OXT, a project build on collaboration and exchange. OXT refers to oxytocin, popularly known as the “trust hormone” that upon release increases trust, social attraction, and bonding. Van Braak’s OXT invites 25+ visual artists, designers, and architects to work at a specially designed wood workshop during the exhibition. The workshop itself is erected from trees of Park Sonsbeek. That same wood, chopped for annual maintenance reasons, is available as building material for the participants. Hence, the wood, transformed through transaction, will return to its original habitat. OXT intends to stimulate cross-sector collaborations and socialize the often intensely individual artistic practice. The wood workshop literally opens up to the visitors – through foldable, extendable and adjustable walls – and aims to include them in the creative process in a less distant and more transparent way. The progress, experiences, impressions, and output of the project can be found on this page.