Che Fare / Reminiscence

Public Art

Reminiscence is the second part of a public and participatory art event curated by cheFare for CIVIC MEDIA ART, in the neighbourhood Adriano of Milan. Reminiscence is a project which resulted in three panels representing three cities deeply changed by the war, before they were bombed. The work was created with the participation is the people of Adriano on April 14, 2018. At the day of the performance organized in the Adriano district the 3 panels were a result of the assembly of 18 tables on which over 400,000 circles were printed. People who came to visit the event colored the circles black one by one and only once each table was completed and assembled together the image became visable.

3 “postcards from before the war”: in the first one the school Francesco Crispi of Gorla in Milan, in a very rare image dated before the allied bombing of 20 October 1944, in which it was hit by mistake. ¬†The second and third respectively immortalize the Syrian cities of Damascus and Homs before the bombing and the civil war that continues since 2011.

The most important aspect of the two works, however, is in the act of trust of the inhabitants of Adriano who have engaged in the project and the long work necessary to establish and transform these connections into participation.