Caravan (2004)

Although the caravan appears to be no different from any other caravan when it is pulled behind a car, when opened it manifests itself as an artificial garden, park or camping sight. Inside the caravan there are stuffed animals, artificial grass silk flowers and trees, a sound installation with bird sounds and a BBQ.
The caravan refers to the increasing fiction in society, although not defined what this fiction is. The caravan produces a reality, in which the so called illusion and the so called reality automatically come together. The question to choose between them is therefore not necessary. Worrying is the place of the observer or more in general, that of people if a reality is produced what makes you or me human? This philosophical question about the relation between subject and object can be better thought over when you are in one of my works that in a playful way show this border experience.

There are three different versions of the caravan only one still exists.